I’ve been receiving questions mostly from people who follow me on my Instagram account about bookish stuff. Questions are asked repeatedly so I think this would be the best way to answer.

How long have you been blogging?

    I’ve been book blogging since 2011 back in my Tumblr page. I wasn’t sure how to review books at the time but I did it anyway. It was May of 2012 when I formally transferred here on Blogger. I also changed my blog name from Bookrarian to Confessions of a Bookaholic (I didn’t really research on this) then Kisskitkatey (my Tumblr URL before) and finally settled to The Bookaholic Blurbs December of the same year.

    What made you review books?

      Well, I’ve been fascinated by blogging altogether. Like, the personal blogging thing. I’ve also been into journaling since I was a kid which turned to scrap booking and doodling. When I was introduced to the internet, I wanted to really start my own blog and just pour my heart to it. I tried Tumblr but it didn’t last long because I just ran out of things to blog about (yeah, my life is pretty boring). A few years later and a few bucks in my pocket (that time when I got a job), I tried going back to reading and buying books. I started with TWILIGHT (I will never be ashamed of it, ever! Go Team Edward!). I fell in love with it and thought of writing what it made me feel or how it affected me. So I combined both — babbling about things in my life and posting it on the internet. Only this would focus on books. Twilight wasn’t my first review though. But the rest is history.

      Where do you buy your books from?

      Book Sales Store, National Bookstore, Fullybooked, thrift shops and I ask friends to order for me from Book Depository and the magic that is Book Outlet.

      How do you get ARCs from publishers?

      This is actually the million dollar question. There should be a separate post for this alone. You can google the question and a lot of posts by some big bloggers in the US should show right up. But really, dedication and patience are the first two things you need. (To be honest, I can’t come up with a decent answer to this so let us all refer to the established bloggers I look up to!)

      I research about the book/s I wanted so badly, specifically the imprint/publisher. Then I spend hours on Google searching for the correct publicity email. I also double check if they send internationally. Then I compose my email with intro about me and my blog, why I am interested in getting a galley, I link up old reviews from the said imprint, I put in blog stats and mailing address. I wait and wait for reply. Sometimes I get replies, most of the time I don’t. Then books are just get delivered to my address.

      I also subscribe to publisher’s mail lists and join blog tours.

      Why do you cover your books with plastic wraps?

      I used to seal my books with plastic film because a.) you have no idea how much dust we can get here in the Philippines and b.) we actually do have insects that ruin the paper. Am just trying to protect and preserve my books, especially the hardcovers. However, I noticed that it would only protect the dust jackets but the paper would still turn yellow so I decided to cover them dust jacket style. I know someday, I would regret doing this because eventually, the tape and plastic would mark on the cover but what the hell, I don’t want to think of that right now. (I’ve just watched videos on Youtube on how to protect books and gosh, I was doing it all wrong!)

      Why are you tabbing your books with sticky notes and what are those for?

      Well, I love quotes. There are just a ton of lines in books that I could relate to so I put tabs on those. Also, I tab scenes that hit close to home, places I wanted to visit in the future, character deaths, plot twists and all other things in the story that speak to me. Whenever I see the title as well, I tab it! And since I take care of my books in a way that would not crease the spine (I don’t open them too wide), tabs indicate that books are well-read as well. Or maybe it’s just me. 🙂

      I blogged about this one here: Book Tabbing 101 in all its glory!

      How do you arrange your books?

      Edit 4/28/2016 – I sold almost 90% of my paperback collection to give way to my incoming xx numbers of hardbounds. I love BookOutlet!

      Edit 7/04/2017 – I was able to buy bookshelves last year and my books are currently a mess. They are now arranged by series and genre. My paperbacks are all in a box and my ARCs are on the 3 wall shelves.

      What camera do you use for your photos on Instagram?

      Used to me Samsung S3 and S5. Now Iphone 6s Plus and Nikon D7000 with Nikor AF 55mm f/1.4d lens.

      What branch of Booksale Store do you buy your books from?

      Any branch? LOL. I just try to go to any Booksale Store accessible to me at a given time. Like for example, when I went to Pampanga, Robinson’s there happen to have a Booksale Store so I dropped by. It wasn’t out of the way but actually just along the bus station. I was able to get a libray bound copy of Liesl&Po. But the nearest to me here in the office are: Makati Square, Cash and Carry and Alphaland branches.

      I couldn’t find my notes with the list of questions so will try to update this once I find it. I hope these helped! 🙂